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From our very first experience with Halotherapy, Chris and I knew that this natural, non-invasive treatment was a life changing mode of healing. Chris had been sick and suffering from some respiratory discomfort the day we made our first visit to the salt room. I was feeling fine and happy to tag along in order to take part in a new experience. Neither of us were disappointed.


After a single 45-minute treatment, Chris felt relief in his lungs and ease in his breathing. After only two days post treatment his chest was totally clear. In my experience, the dimly lit room, the relaxing music, the deep breathing of finely aerosolized salt along with the impact of negative ion exchange, elevated my feeling of "fine" to a feeling of peace, bliss, and serenity.


For both of us it was helpful, it was healing, it was divine. From that moment, we knew what a positive impact Halotherapy could have in peoples' lives. We knew that we wanted to do our part to share this gift with our community and our world. At Salt and Soul, we are dedicated to the simple yet powerful understanding that health is a precious aspect of life that can, and need be protected, improved, and maintained. We offer to you our Halotherapy and Wellness services so that your life can be enriched and enjoyed and lived to the fullest!


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