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7 Ways Halotherapy Can Change Your Life (for the better)

Has the 2020 pandemic stolen your joy? Ready to get it back?

Of all the uncertainties of the past 16 months, one thing probably rings true for almost every person on the planet...we have all been under an abnormal amount of stress. Prolonged stress can wreak havoc on our bodies in multiple ways. ( Stress Effects - The American Institute of Stress ) Irritability, depression, anxiety, difficulty breathing, headaches, insomnia and frequent colds are just a few of the ways stress can present itself.

Fortunately, halotherapy can help restore humankinds health and vitality that has been under attack. In this article, we discuss 7 ways that dry aerosol salt therapy can help bring back a healthier, happier you!

Halotherapy Can...

1. Boost Your Immune System and Keep Colds at Bay

After so many months of worry over Covid-19, it is reassuring to know that halotherapy can help keep your respiratory system healthy and fully functioning. Salt is naturally anti-viral and anti-bacterial. It can help boost your immune system and keep your respiratory system functioning at peak condition.

2. Help You Get Better Sleep

Halotherapy helps clear the sinuses and clean your airways. Better breathing means better sleep. Negative ions that are present in the salt room help the brain produce relaxing neurochemicals which in turn can also help produce a better night's sleep.

3. Relieve Sinus Pressure and Headaches

Inflammation and congestion of the sinus cavities can cause pressure that leads to difficult breathing and lingering headaches. After just 10 minutes into a salt room session, many clients say, they can feel a release of sinus pressure. In addition, they begin to experience clearer, deeper breathing all of which can reduce the discomfort and tension of stressful headaches.

4. Improve Lung Function and Breathing Capacity

Halotherapy can help produce better breathing. Salt room treatments can increase respiratory capacity and improve breathing mechanics such as oxygen saturation. Studies also show that athletes who received dry aerosol salt therapy showed a decrease in heart rate and breathing rate during training sessions.

5. Facilitate Relaxation

Not only does halotherapy help you breathe better, the specially designed salt room exudes an essence of calm and healing. Soothing music, peaceful artwork and comfortable lounge chairs, foster an environment that helps clients fully relax and renew.

6. Lift Your Mood

Negative ions that are naturally present in salt are shown to have favorable effects on the endocrine system. The dry salt aerosol gently dispersed into the salt room via the halogenerator relaxes the nervous system and acts as a mood booster. Studies show that halotherapy positively influences local metabolic processes, normalizing serotonin output. That means a happier, less stressed you.

7. Bring an Overall Sense of Calm

Sessions in the Salt Room are a true break from the outside world of allergens and pollutants, noise and busyness. Giving yourself permission to treat YOU to a healthful halotherapy break not only boosts your respiratory health, it takes the edge off without the use of drugs or alcohol and creates a positive psycho-emotional effect that you and your whole family will appreciate.

Let go of worry. Take back your joy. Reclaim your relaxation today. Health restoring salt room sessions are just a click away!

To learn more about the research done on halotherapy and it's healing benefits visit the resources section of our website.

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