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Sauna Etiquette

What to Expect

Pre-Sauna Session

  • Please hydrate with 8 oz. of water to prepare body for an increase in core temperature.

  • Please arrive for your session 10-15 minutes before your scheduled time in order to set yourself up comfortably.

What to Wear 

  • During the session you can disrobe to your comfort level: bathing suit or undergarments are ideal.

  • Loose, comfortable clothing is recommended for after your session.

During Sauna Session

  • You should not be surprised if you do not sweat on your first few sessions. Sweating will increase with regular use.

  • Start session when Sauna reached 110°F.

  • Optimal sauna experience occurs between 110° and 135°F.

***Autoimmune, MS, Lupus clients: Keep Sauna at 100° and 110°.

  • Sessions run 30-45 Minutes.

  • Always remember you can discontinue the session and exit the sauna at any time.

  • Please do not eat or drink in the Sauna.

  • Please refrain from wearing shoes in the Sauna.

  • Please shut the glass doors gently.

  • Please refrain from applying oils or lotions to your skin prior to going in the Sauna.

Post Infrared Session

  • You should drink at least 24 oz. of water or electrolyte to re-hydrate.

  • Dry off with a cool towel from the mini-fridge (limit one washcloth per client) then allow your body to cool down naturally. Wait 45 minutes before showering at home to allow your body to continue detoxing.

  • Place all soiled towels in the laundry bin before you exit.

  • Schedule the next infrared session when you reach the front desk.


  • The infrared sauna is not recommended for pregnant women.

  • The infrared sauna is not recommended for children 12 years old or younger.

Refund and Cancellation Policy

  • Sauna sessions are non-refundable and subject to cancellation policy. All no call/no show appointments will result in forfeit of prepaid service. We ask if you need to reschedule to please give 24-hours notice.

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